High quality loudspeaker units for industry and personal customers (DIY) - for Hi-Fi stereo, multi media, home theater, professional, car applications, etc. Tweeters, midranges, fullranges, woofers, subwoofers. Outstanding performance. Besides, Wavecor offers complete OEM speaker system turnkey solutions for the industry. 


One way to easily use the Wavecor LEAP .LTD files


On the data base page (where you just came from) point at the .LTD file you want to get and right-click on the LEAP icon as shown on the right.


Left-click on the option “Save Target As...” as shown on the right.


Now you should navigate to find the right location to save the .LTD file. A good choice will be in the same folder as your other transducer data files are stored. In most cases that will be in
C:\Program Files\LEAP\Transducers folder. See also the screen picture below.
IMPORTANT: Depending on your Operating System (for instance Windows Vista) you may not be able to save the file directly anywhere in the Program Files folder. In that case you may save the file first in another location (for instance the Desktop) and then manually copy into the Transducers folder.


Now you can verify successful storing of the new data file by opening your LEAP application and check that the new transducer file has been added. See also the screen picture below.

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