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One way to use the Wavecor LspLAB3 parameter files


As  a simple way of exchanging T/S parameters for LspLAB3 we are providing some closed box designs for our various driver models.

On the database page (where you just came from) point at the .LLB file you want to get and left-click on the LspLAB3 icon as shown on the right.


You can choose to either open or save the files but an easy way is to click Open, in which case your Loudspeaker LAB3 application will automatically start once the file download is completed.


If you choose to open the file directly you may have to allow for this as shown on the right.


Once the download is completed or you execute the downloaded file the closed box design you have received will show up as below. This design includes the driver specifications you are interested in.
Next, click on the Select Lib. button on the right side of the window (shown below).


As next step, to save the driver parameters of the downloaded box design, click the Add/Update button as shown. After this step the new driver data are stored in your LspLAB3 Driver Database.

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