Wavecor management team: Allan Isaksen, Per Madsen, LeeHai


Allan Isaksen, General Manager & Chairman
Allan Isaksen started his career at Vifa A/S, Denmark in early 1983 as a newly graduated acoustics engineer. After having designed numerous famed Vifa drivers he was appointed as Engineering Manager at Vifa in 1987. In 1990 Vifa appointed Allan Isaksen as their Director of Sales and Engineering with responsibility for all Marketing, Sales and Engineering activities.
In 1999 Allan Isaksen relocated from Denmark to the GuangDong Province of China, where he established the Chinese production base for Vifa/Scan-Speak, Vifa Loudspeakers (PanYu) Ltd.
After Vifa and Peerless merged into dst (danish sound technology), the China production company was renamed DST Loudspeakers (PanYu) Ltd., which Allan Isaksen lead as General Manager until he in 2005 founded Wavecor Ltd.

LeeHai, Vice General Manager & Vice Chairman
From 1997 LeeHai served in the Production/Quality Departments of LAFE, a manufacturer of high-quality CD recording heads for the Car Audio Industry. Prior to joining LAFE, he worked in the Engineering department as Officer in ShanXi Coal Construction Company since 1991.
LeeHai joined DST Loudspeaker (PanYu) Ltd. as Quality Manager in 2002, and lead the company's efforts to become ISO 9001 certified. Later he was appointed Deputy General Manager with responsibility for DST Loudspeakers’ Internal Operations.
After DST was taken over by Tymphany (USA) LeeHai continued working there as Deputy General Manager and Advance Planning Director until he in 2007 decided to join Wavecor Ltd. as Vice General Manager and Vice Chairman.

Per Madsen, Director of Technology
Per Madsen started his career at Vifa A/S Denmark in 1988 as a Technical Trainee. After his graduation in 1991 he was employed as R&D Engineer at Vifa A/S, where his area of responsibility was mechanical driver parts. Later he continued into working on the acoustics of drivers as well and designed some of the famous drivers at Vifa/Scan Speak A/S through the years.
In 2002 Per Madsen transferred to dst’s production facility in China, DST Loudspeakers (PanYu) Ltd., for a position as Engineering Manager.
After DST was taken over by Tymphany (USA) Per Madsen continued working there as Engineering Services Group Manager until he in 2006 decided to join Wavecor Ltd. as Director of Technology.

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