UPDATE June 2023, TW030WA09/10


Due to having developed new superior textile dome materials, Wavecor start phasing out tweeter models TW030WA09 and TW030WA10.
These models are being replaced by the new models TW030WA21 and TW030WA22
TW030WA21/22 feature Graphene reinforced Tetoron domes with superior high-frequency extension, better consistency, and higher temperature ratings.

The new tweeters are using same motor structures and other parts as TW030WA09/10, the only update being the dome material itself.
TW030WA21 and TW030WA22 are considered direct drop-in replacements for TW030WA09 and TW030WA10 for all practical applications.

TW030WA09 and TW030WA10 will, while currently still available, as of June 2023 no longer be updated or maintained. It is recommended that current users of TW030WA09/10 switch to TW030WA21/22 soonest possible.
Latest specifications of TW030WA09 and TW030WA10 are available here  TW030WA09/10 specifications

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