Update, March 2015, 12” subwoofers

The original Wavecor 12” subwoofers SW310WA01 and SW310WA02 are soon to  be discontinued. The reason is that the die casting tool for the old alu frame is no longer being maintained by our supplier. This is due to the tool being worn out and no new tool will be provided.
As a consequence Wavecor will soon be unable to deliver any of the 12” woofers built in this frame.
For now we have sufficient frames in stock to meet demand for a while servicing existing customers but depending on incoming orders the situation could change with relatively short notice.

The original 12” units are therefore no longer available to new customers/new designs and we strongly urge existing customers to consider shifting to the replacement models SW312WA03 and SW312WA04 as soon as possible.
For details about the differences between SW310WA01/02 and SW312WA03/04 please see below.

SW310WA01, SW310WA02 using old frame


Photo above: The original 12” subwoofers SW310WA01 and SW310WA02

On the right: Front and rear photos of the SW312WA03 and SW312WA04 built in the new frame.


SW312WA03, SW312WA04 using new frame


SW312WA03 is considered a drop-in replacement for SW310WA02 (both 4 ohm) in the same way as SW312WA04 is for SW310WA01 (8 ohm).
There are, however, small mechanical differences between old and new models that should be observed. Please see the drawings below for NOMINAL dimensions.
The main differences, as shown in red, are:
   -  T1, thickness of mounting flange
   -  H1, build-in depth
   -  D1, cabinet hole diameter
   -  D2, mounting hole position diameter

Acoustically/electrically there are no major practical differences between the old and the new models.
For comparison the relevant links are available in the table below.

Old model


SW310WA02, 4 ohm

SW312WA03, 4 ohm

SW310WA01, 8 ohm

SW312WA04, 8 ohm

While there was no choice regarding shifting to another 12” frame we did use the situation to introduce a major improvement. One limitation that the old frame always had was the rather short distance between the bottom of the frame and the gluing surface for the spider. This would always limit the amount of obtainable cone travel.
In the new frame the increased overall depth has been used to solving this problem completely and the distance differences between the two frames are indicated by the blue arrows below.

Dimensions in mm

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